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about the company

Surya Constructions is the brainchild of our founding partner Shri V. Thillaikumaran driven by core values of integrity, commitment and loyalty to customers.

The company has developed individual houses, farm houses, apartments in and around Chennai.  Over the past 7 years, Surya Constructions has earned a reputation for quality and innovation.  The company takes particular care in ensuring that its projects feature perfect quality and prompt delivery.  We are here to make their design and construction experience as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

At Surya Constructions, every building project is important. We believe that there is no better proof of a commitment to service than a project which demonstrates the integrity of its builder. What we do for a living is not especially unique. What we believe is unique. This attitude is adhered to at all levels of the company. As a client, you will appreciate the dedication of effort that goes into each new home, and will reap the benefits of a job done right the first time.


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  • M/s. Surya Constructions,

    Plot No.11, "Shambho",
    Anandham Nagar, Thaiyur,

    Kelambakkam - OMR, Chennai - 603 103.
  • Phone: +91-98849 60900 / 94440 70502
  • Email: info@suryaconstruction.com
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